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What’s Generally Included in Wedding Videography Packages?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Videographers, like wedding photographers, will have a variety of wedding packages for you to choose from. Here is what you can anticipate seeing in a basic package:

· A three – five-minute highlight video (with music overlay)

  • A 20 – 30-minute full-featured wedding video with the wedding ceremony and speeches (with music overlay and sound)

  • Two cinematographers

  • An assistant videographer

These included highlights and wedding videos will be professionally edited, and they will also be set to music and delivered to you either via USB or through an online platform.

If you would like access to the unedited or raw footage, this is typically an extra fee — about $1,500 — and with the caution that the couple will have to provide the hard drive, or the videographer will use their own and charge it to the couple. However, some companies do not release Raw footage solely because the format they film in is purely raw quality meaning they mostly look like black and white films and probably have lots of excess footage that are not needed and must be extracted, stabilized, and color graded before passing to the costumer. For this reason alone, most companies find it very difficult to deliver the raw footage, or if they do, the charge will be around $1500 plus.

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