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Classes that focus on photography and videography techniques.

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Concrete Wall

Afrang Media Productions LLC offers exclusive videography and photography tutoring sessions, available either in-person or online.

Our curriculum encompasses a comprehensive array of proficiencies including but not limited to lighting techniques, camera mobility, proficiency with gimbals, photography, and post-production editing.

Our services extend to both individual and group sessions, covering a range of locations such as San Jose, Monterey, Salinas, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Carmel, Watsonville, and the wider bay area.

Our classes are designed to be both enjoyable and stimulating, as they take place entirely outdoors, allowing students to apply what they learn in real-life scenarios. By doing so, we strive to ensure that our students are fully engaged and never feel bored in a traditional classroom setting.

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge in both the teaching and videography/photography industries. Our photography beginners course offers you the opportunity to discover how to navigate your camera's settings, become proficient in utilizing optimal exposure, and become a master in manipulating lighting.

By enrolling in videography classes, students can gain comprehensive training in a range of essential skills, including cinematography, camera movement, angling, lighting, audio and visual techniques, white balance setting, and editing using top-notch software such as Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Luminar AI.

Afrang Media Productions LLC takes pride in offering employment opportunities to its most outstanding students as photographers for weddings or corporate events, welcoming them into our esteemed company.

Our easy payment terms and affordable prices make it possible for anyone to join us and be confident that they will be looked after well.

Take the first step and schedule your complimentary consultation today by reaching out to Ben at

831 707 3195

or sending us an email at

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