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Average pricing of wedding photographers: How much does a wedding photographer cost per hour?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

What does a wedding photographer cost per hour?Wedding photographer
Wedding photographer

How much does a wedding photographer cost per hour? The cost for wedding photographers varies based on their experience, portfolio, and the equipment they carry. Wedding photographers charge anything between $200 to $1000 per hour. In this article, we delve into why a wedding photographer is costly or, vice versa, very cheap. So read on to learn more.


The day of the wedding is amazing, filled with shared moments, laughing, and vows. The skills of a wedding photographer are essential to keeping these memories alive. One frequent concern for couples navigating the wedding planning process is how much a wedding photographer charges per hour. We will dissect the complexities of wedding photography pricing in this in-depth analysis, looking at the variables that affect prices and providing information to help couples make wise choices.

average cost of small wedding photographer
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How much is a wedding photographer's average hourly rate:

The hourly rate for wedding photographers exhibits a broad spectrum, ranging from $200 to $1000 or even more. However, this figure is a mere starting point, and the true cost is shaped by a plethora of factors that require exploration.

Factors Influencing Wedding Photographers Costs:

  • Experience and Expertise:

    • Seasoned wedding photographers, armed with years of experience and a robust portfolio, command higher rates. Their expertise extends beyond technical proficiency, encompassing an innate understanding of the ebb and flow of wedding dynamics.

    • The value of experience lies in the ability to capture fleeting moments, navigate diverse lighting conditions, and deliver a collection of images that transcend mere photographs.

  • Location:

    • Geographical location emerges as a decisive factor in determining costs. Urban areas with a higher cost of living often translate to elevated service charges, while weddings in rural or less-populated areas may incur lower costs.

    • Additionally, destination weddings may involve extra expenses such as travel and accommodation, impacting the overall pricing.

  • Package Inclusions:

    • Wedding photographers offer an array of packages, each comprising various services such as engagement sessions, photo albums, and the inclusion of additional photographers.

    • The comprehensiveness of the chosen package plays a significant role in determining the overall cost, necessitating couples to carefully assess their priorities and preferences.

  • Equipment and Editing:

    • The quality of equipment, including professional cameras and lenses, contributes to the overall cost. Moreover, the time invested in post-production editing adds substantial value to the final product.

    • Photographers who prioritize top-notch gear and dedicate time to meticulous editing often find themselves at the higher end of the pricing spectrum

  • Duration of Coverage:

    • The number of hours a photographer is booked directly influences the cost. Full-day coverage, spanning the ceremony, reception, and additional events, typically commands a higher fee.

    • Couples must carefully consider their wedding timeline and priorities to determine the appropriate number of hours needed for comprehensive coverage.

Pros and cons of hiring a cheap or expensive wedding photographer


Some wedding photographers charge as little as $200 per hour. You may wonder why the difference in cost is so huge! Well, the reason for that lies in many factors, for example. If a wedding photographer charges around $200 per hour or less, there may be a reason behind that. 1: They may need more experience in wedding photography and are just trying to learn by practicing it as often as possible (at your expense).

2: They may only have old or cheap cameras with little or no lighting equipment.

3: They may only carry one camera. The downside of having just one camera is undeniable. What happens if they drop or damage the camera or break the lens or many other accidental issues? Well, you will have a wedding with no photographer. Simply put, they will ruin your wedding.

4: They may need help editing your photos professionally or even pass them to you unedited.

5: The most important factor is reliability. Through my many years of experience as a wedding photographer, I have encountered many occasions when a couple approached me at the last minute, scared because the photographer they had booked many months ago had just informed them that he couldn't make it just one day before the big day. In such extreme cases, the poor couple has only two options: either pay an emergency price, usually higher than expected, or continue their wedding without a photographer.


A wedding photographer who charges $300 per hour and above must have much experience in wedding photography, and have a reputable business with many reviews from past weddings and clients you can read. You will then have an excellent idea about what kind of professional photographer you are hiring.

For that kind of money, you will be getting the following services:

1: An experienced and professional wedding photographer will always carry a spare camera, lenses, and lighting equipment, or they may always have an assistant photographer or both.

2: Professional wedding photographers have extensive experience editing the photos they take. They often spend hours, if not days, editing your photos one by one, making sure each photo is a perfect photo, be it the exposure, white balance, composition, removing unwanted people or objects in the background, and many other factors that may make or break a good wedding photo.

3: A professional wedding photographer is always prepared. In cases of emergency or accidents, they always have a backup photographer on standby. As a professional and reputable wedding photographer, when I book a wedding, I always pay another photographer from our team to stand by for that particular day and not take any other bookings. If anything happens to me that prevents me from being present on the day, another photographer will immediately take my place; this is called professional ethics. In my business, you don't disappoint people, pure and simple. Nothing can justify that.

I agree that the cost is a bit higher, but consider this: Can you repeat the event? If the photographer ruins it for you for whatever reason, you have had it. Period!

Wedding photography in California
Bride and the Groom Sunset shot

Tips for Budgeting:

  • Define Priorities:

    • Identify the aspects of wedding photography that hold the utmost significance for you. If budget constraints exist, prioritize essential coverage over extensive packages.

  • Research and Compare:

    • Explore multiple photographers, scrutinize portfolios, and compare quotes. This comprehensive analysis provides invaluable insights into the average rates in your chosen location.

  • Early Booking:

    • Securing a photographer well in advance may open avenues for negotiation or early booking discounts, potentially providing financial relief.

  • Transparent Communication:

    • Clearly articulate your expectations and budget constraints with potential photographers. Many professionals are open to customizing packages to align with your needs.

Why do some wedding photographers charge too much?

An expensive and sought-after wedding photographer charges higher prices because they are not just any photographers. They are wedding photographers, meaning they will guide you through the process and show you how to pose, what to do, and what not to do. They sometimes carry with them over $10.000 worth of equipment. You are hiring not just a photographer but his experience, know-how, skills, equipment, editing skills, and, last but not least, reliability and peace of mind.


There is a British saying that says: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap!"

This means you may pay less at the beginning. Still, you either end up paying more to fix your mistake or live to regret that you thought you might save a bit of money. But, ultimately, you lost whatever bargain you initially thought you had. So please consider this: only hire a cheap and inexperienced wedding photographer to save a few bucks. You will live to regret your decision. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying all amateur wedding photographers will disappoint you; you may find a good and talented one, but the risk factor is high.


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