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Why I Need to Hire a Corporate Videography and Photography Service Provider?

Updated: May 10

Corporate Videography and Photography Service


A corporate video is basically a video created by a business or corporation. They are most frequently used to promote and boost awareness of a company’s brand as a whole, corporate videos can be used in a business setting and provide many different purposes:

• Training, instructional, and safety videos for employees

• Investor presentations

• New product or service demonstrations

• Client and customer testimonial videos

• Event or activity event summaries

• Business event summaries

• Live webcasting

• Interviews with company leaders

• Company introductions to potential clients or customers

Why are corporate videos necessary in the business environment?

• Everyone likes to consume information in different ways. While some people enjoy reading written text on things such as your company’s blog, others react better to visual cues like the ones found in videos. In fact, according to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read the text.

• Corporate videos are brilliant marketing tactics. As a marketing strategy for your company, a corporate video can be indexed by Google, which could help increase your company’s website traffic enormously and transform more viewers into customers.

• Videos are easy to share. Sharing online or through a company wide email account, corporate videos can be shared by customers and employees quickly and easily, so the exposure to viewers is basically maximized producing very effective results.

Corporate videos are designed to be exciting ways to deliver otherwise boring or lengthy information that would lose traction with an audience if delivered as a speech or presentation. Regrettably, most companies do not have the experience or resources that top corporate video companies do and end up carrying that same unpolished experience right into their video.

After enlisting the help of the Best Videography and Photography Company to produce your thrilling corporate video, you must correctly distribute it. This is particularly true if the objective of your video is to reach a targeted audience and advertise your company or even certain products or services. A well-made corporate video will be useless to your company if it is not visible and no one sees it.

Introduce your video on popular platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and even your company website. Doing so may help you get ranked with Google, found in search results, and visited by both regular and new customers. You can also reach a lot of people by including your corporate video in your monthly newsletter that is emailed to your list of subscribers.

Additionally, you should promote your corporate video on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Encouraging others to like and share your video will reach audiences far and wide, making your corporate video effective delivering much desirable results.

What purpose does a corporate video serve?

Not all corporate videos serve the same purpose, thus, they are not all the same.

Some are created with the objective of getting new customers, others are intended at hiring new work force. Some videos want to sell or promote new products or services, others are more general in nature and simply want to increase brand awareness with targeted audience.

Think about what your corporate video’s purpose is and develop a plan. In addition, make sure you describe your audience and cut it down to a very specific group of potential customers. Though every business needs to attract as many customers as they possibly can, that is just impractical. Customize your video to meet your specified audience and speak directly to them.

How much does a corporate video production cost?

Costs vary based on client’s requirements, locations, length, actors, and many other factors. Each project is assessed and priced at their own merits. Clients are always visited by our marketing director who will answer all their questions and concerns in detail and guide them through the procedures and the process of making an amazing Corporate Video for them.


Your corporate video doesn’t have to be a Netfilx movie for everyone that tries to view it. In fact, a well-done corporate video can really turn things around for your company by increasing leads and conversions, convincing people to come work for you, and educate employees on things such as safety, training procedures, and even the state of the company.

Afrang Media Productions LLC is your best videography and photography Service in Monterey Salinas California to whom you can trust your ideas to be visualized and turned into a strategic story for your targeted audience.


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