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Everything You Need to Know About the Sony a7iv ILCE-7M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 1.11

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

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Are you looking to upgrade your Sony a7iv ILCE-7M4 System Software (Firmware) and want to learn more about the latest Update Ver. 1.11? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about the Sony a7iv ILCE-7M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 1.11 and how to upgrade it with an SD card or CFexpress card. Read on to find out more!


The Sony a7ivILCE-7M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 1.11 is an important update for the popular a7IV camera, designed to improve and enhance its capabilities. This update is available to download via an SD card or CFexpress card and can be used to improve the camera's performance, stability, and reliability. It also adds new features and improvements, such as improved autofocus accuracy, improved face, and eye detection performance, improved battery life, and improved shutter speed. This blog post and more. With this update, Sony enhanced the user experience with its flagship camera.

New Features and Improvements

The latest system software update, version 1.11, for Sony's alpha 7iv (ILCE-7M4) camera, is now available for download. This new version includes many new features and improvements to enhance your photography experience.

The major updates included in this release are improved image stabilization for videos, improved AF speed and accuracy, improved white balance accuracy, and support for the new CFexpress Type B memory cards. Additionally, the autofocus performance of the Eye AF and Animal Eye AF functions has been improved for better results. The PlayMemories Home app has also been upgraded to improve performance.

This update also adds an S-Log2 gamma setting to the Picture Profile menu, which will enable you to capture footage with greater dynamic range and less noise. Finally, some minor bug fixes and enhancements are included to improve the overall user experience.

Overall, the Sony alpha 7iv ILCE-7M4 system software update ver. 1.11 offers a host of new features and improvements such as overheating problems when shooting on 4k with 10bit at 60fps 2ith proxy recording at the same time. It also helps to make your photography experience smoother and more enjoyable. If you own a Sony Alpha 7iv, download and install this update as soon as possible to get the most out of your camera. Wedding videographers can also benefit from the latest firmware update, which can help them create stunning wedding videos with its advanced features. With improved autofocus and white balance accuracy, they can capture beautiful moments during the ceremony without worrying about blurry shots or incorrect colors. Furthermore, they can take advantage of the new S-Log2 gamma setting to achieve optimal results while shooting in low-light conditions. Not only will wedding videographers benefit from this update, but all users of the Sony Alpha 7iv should upgrade their camera’s firmware to reap its benefits.

Download and Installation Instructions

If you have a Sony Alpha 7iv camera, you will want to ensure that your system software (firmware) is up-to-date. The latest update version is 1.11, containing several important new features and improvements. This guide will provide the necessary steps to install the Update Ver. 1.11.

Before you begin, please ensure you have a compatible memory card installed on your camera. This update can be installed with either an SD or CFexpress card.

1. Download the latest firmware update from Sony's website and save it onto your memory card.

2. Insert the memory card into your camera and power it on.

3. Go to the Menu > Setup > Version and select “OK”.

4. Select the “Update” option and “OK.”

5. The camera will detect the update file and prompt you to begin the installation process. Select “OK” to confirm the installation.

6. The installation process will take several minutes to complete. Do not turn off your camera during this time.

7. Once the installation is finished, your camera will restart, and you will have successfully installed Update Ver. 1.11!

Test Results

Recording on HD XAVC S 4:2.2 10 bit at 60 fps with simultaneous proxy recording all lids and caps closed, 4 hours of continuous recording, and still not overheating.

Recording on 4K XAVC S 4:2.2 10 bit at 30 fps with simultaneous proxy recording all lids and caps closed, 50 minutes of continuous recording, after which it overheats and shuts off.

Recording on 4K XAVC S 4:2.2 10 bit at 30 fps, no simultaneous proxy recording all lids and caps closed, 60 minutes of continuous recording after which it overheats and shuts off.

Precautions when updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier

It is important to exercise caution when updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier of the Sony alpha 7iv ILCE-7M4 system software (firmware) to Update Ver. 1.11. Before proceeding, you should take some time to understand what this update will do and how it may affect your camera’s performance.

The most important precaution to take when updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier is to ensure that all files, settings, and image data are backed up in a secure location. If something goes wrong during the update process, you will want to be able to restore your camera’s original settings and files easily. You can back up your data to an SD or CFexpress card.

Before updating your firmware, you should also double-check that all of the necessary settings and parameters on the camera have been set correctly. The new Update Ver. 1.11 may not be compatible with existing settings and could cause unexpected behaviors.

When updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier, you must update to Ver.1.05 before proceeding with the Ver.1.11 update. Only update to Ver.1.11 after updating to Ver.1.05. If you try to update to Ver.1.11 without updating to Ver.1.05, an error will occur and you will not be able to update.

Follow the instructions below to check the system software version.

Note: If the Date/Time setting screen appears when you turn on your camera, set the date and time to the correct values.

On the camera, select Menu.

Select Setup → Setup Option → Version.

Please update to the latest system software version if it is already Ver.1.05 or later.

Finally, make sure that your battery is fully charged before you start the update process. If your camera loses power during the update, you may damage the system software and may need to send your camera for repair.


Make sure that there is only one BODYDATA.DAT file on the memory card. If you have used the card for a previous update, format the memory card in the camera before downloading a new file. When using an SD card, use the “Slow” format option. After formatting your memory card, download Update Ver. 1.11 for Sony Alpha 7iv from the Sony website and save it in the root directory of your memory card. After copying the firmware update file to your memory card, remove it from your computer and insert it into your Sony Alpha 7iv camera's Memory Card slot. Finally, turn on the power switch, select “Firmware version” from the SETUP MENU of your Sony Alpha 7iv camera, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the firmware update. Following these steps correctly ensures that your Sony Alpha 7iv camera’s firmware is always up-to-date with the latest version of Update Ver. 1.11!

Is Sony A7iv still a good camera in 2023?

When investing in a digital camera, you want to ensure that your purchase will last you for years to come. While the Sony A7iv has just released its Update Ver. 1.11, it's important to consider whether this camera will still be a good option in 2023.

The Sony A7iv is a powerful and feature-rich camera that includes many of the latest technologies. It features a 24MP full-frame sensor, 4K video recording, and a 5-axis in-body image stabilization system. Its recent firmware update adds advanced features like focus bracketing, interval shooting, and enhanced Real-time Eye AF for human and animal eye tracking. This suggests that the Sony A7iv will still be a good choice for photographers and videographers in 2023.

Furthermore, with the technological advances in digital cameras, the Sony A7iv is likely to get updates in the future that could further enhance its capabilities. This means the camera should remain current with industry standards even in 2023.

Overall, the Sony A7iv is a great camera now and should remain a good choice in 2023. With its excellent performance, build quality and versatility; it will likely continue to be a popular choice among photographers for years to come.


The Sony a7iv ILCE-7M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 1.11 is an exciting new development for photographers who want to stay up to date with the latest technology. This update introduces numerous new features and improvements that enhance your camera's overall performance and increase its capability for capturing professional-level photos and videos. This update can be quickly and easily implemented with its easy-to-follow download and installation instructions. To ensure a successful update, however, it is important to take all necessary precautions, especially when updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier. Furthermore, the Sony a7iv will remain a great camera in 2023, as its features and capabilities are usesufficient to capture quality images. For those interested in taking their photography and video projects to the next level, wedding videos could benefit greatly from the increased functionality offered by the Sony a7iv ILCE-7M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 1.11. From improved color depth to enhanced image stabilization, wedding videographers can now make use of these additional features to create beautiful cinematic wedding videos that truly stand out from the crowd. Additionally, real-time preview support allows wedding videographers to review footage before recording it, which gives them greater control over how they present each moment on their wedding day. With these powerful tools, wedding videographers can create stunning wedding videos that will be treasured by generations to come.


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