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5 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Videographer Before Hiring

Updated: Feb 6, 2023


When planning your wedding, you want to ensure that all of the details are perfect, down to the last second. Hiring a wedding videographer to capture the special moments of your big day is one of the most important decisions you will make. To ensure that you get the cinematic wedding films that you dream of, there are some essential questions you should ask your wedding videographer before hiring them. In this blog post, we will discuss five essential questions you need to ask your wedding videographer before hiring them.

1) What is included in your wedding video package?

When you’re looking for a wedding videographer, one of the first questions you should ask is what is included in the package. Most wedding videographers offer a range of packages, from basic to premium, depending on your budget and vision for your wedding films. A standard package may include up to 8 hours of coverage, with additional coverage available for an extra fee. You can expect to receive high-quality cinematic wedding films edited to include highlights and music of your choice. You can also ask your wedding videographer about their editing style and whether they use drones or other special equipment. Other services that may be included in your package are options such as same-day editing or a full-length documentary video, both of which make great keepsakes of your special day. Ultimately, it is important to find the right wedding videographer who can understand your vision and provide the package that best suits your needs.

2) How long will it take for us to receive our wedding video?

It’s normal to be anxious and excited to see your wedding film, so it's important to ask your wedding videographer how long it will take for you to receive it. Each wedding videographer has their own timeline for delivering the finished product, and they should be able to provide a reasonable estimate when you book. Typically, most wedding videographers will deliver the finished wedding video in 6-10 weeks. Keep in mind that certain factors, such as editing time and the amount of footage, may impact the delivery timeline. To avoid any delays, make sure you discuss the expected delivery timeline with your wedding videographer before booking.

3) Do you have a portfolio of previous work that we can see?

When it comes to hiring a wedding videographer, one of the most important questions you should ask is whether they have a portfolio of their previous work that you can view. It's important to be able to see an example of the quality and style of wedding films they create. A good wedding videographer will be proud to showcase their previous work and provide you with plenty of examples. A great way to view a potential wedding videographer’s portfolio is to visit their website or social media page. At Afrang Media Productions LLC, we are proud to showcase our portfolio of wedding videography on our website for couples to review before making a decision. We believe that seeing our previous work speaks for itself and allows couples to get a sense of our style and the quality of work we deliver.

4) What is your shooting style?

When you are considering a wedding videographer, it is important to ask about their shooting style. A professional wedding videographer will typically create cinematic wedding films that are filled with emotion, beauty, and storytelling. Cinematic wedding films should feel like watching a movie rather than a documentary. Look at the portfolio of the videographer to get an idea of their work and how they capture the day. Ask them questions about the type of shots they take, what editing techniques they use, and what kind of equipment they have. A great wedding videographer should be able to capture moments that you can look back on for years to come.

5) Do you have any recommendations for music for our wedding video?

Music can be a very powerful element in wedding films, as it can set the tone and provide an emotional backdrop for your special day. It is important to select the right music for your wedding films to ensure that they are as cinematic and memorable as possible. When asking your wedding videographer if they have any recommendations for music for your wedding video, here are a few things to consider:

-Do you have a specific genre in mind?

-Do you want your music to be upbeat or more sentimental?

-Are there any particular songs that you know will make an impact?

Depending on their style and experience, your wedding videographer may be able to recommend a range of songs from a variety of genres. They may even suggest songs that you may not have considered or even heard of before. By selecting the right music for your wedding films, you can create a truly cinematic and lasting memory of your big day.

How much does a typical wedding videography package cost?

When it comes to wedding videography, the cost of a package can vary greatly depending on the length of coverage and type of filming. Generally speaking, wedding films can range from $1,500-$8,000, with an average cost of around $3,500 for 8 hours of coverage. Many couples opt for a 6-8 hour package, which covers the ceremony, reception, and post-ceremony events such as cake cutting and bouquet toss. A 10-hour package is generally recommended for couples who want to capture getting ready, rehearsal dinner, and plenty of candid moments throughout the day. Of course, the budget will be a major deciding factor in what you decide to purchase.

At Afrang Media Productions LLC, we offer a variety of packages to meet your needs. Our professional wedding videographers work hard to create beautiful cinematic memories that you will treasure forever. We believe in crafting one-of-a-kind wedding films that capture all the love and emotions of the special day. Contact us today to find out more about our packages and pricing.

Is the price of 4k videography different than HD?

When it comes to wedding films and videography, 4K video is the highest resolution available and provides much higher quality than HD video. This means that 4K videography can cost more than HD. The price of 4K videography can vary depending on the services you require and the specific needs of your wedding. Generally speaking, 4K video requires more advanced equipment and editing tools which can add to the cost. On the other hand, HD video is less expensive as it requires fewer resources. Ultimately, it all comes down to budget, preference and the quality that you are looking for in your wedding films and videos.

How important is sound recording in a wedding film?

Sound recording is essential in creating a truly cinematic wedding film. The audio plays an important role in helping to tell the story of your special day and capture all the meaningful moments. Without good sound quality, the impact of the film can be significantly reduced. You want to ensure that you can hear all the precious details of your wedding, from the happy tears to the heartfelt vows, and the joyous laughter.

Your wedding videographer should be experienced in capturing clear audio and selecting appropriate microphones for different scenes and locations. This could mean using shotgun microphones for speeches and close-up audio, or ambient microphones for background noise and music. Depending on the size of your venue, they may also need to set up additional audio equipment to ensure the best quality sound.

It’s important to discuss with your wedding videographer what their approach to sound recording is before you book them. Make sure they have experience with different equipment and settings so you can rest assured knowing that your wedding film will sound as amazing as it looks!

How should I cooperate with my wedding videographer?

When it comes to wedding films, communication and cooperation are the key. As a couple, you should take the time to get to know your wedding videographer and share your vision with them. This will ensure that your wedding film is an accurate reflection of your special day. Talk to your wedding videographer about your expectations, desired shots, and any other details you want them to capture. Additionally, make sure that you are aware of any specific rules and regulations at the venues of your wedding. Be sure to inform your wedding videographer of these so they can plan accordingly and ensure a successful shoot. Furthermore, if you have certain family or friends who you want to be featured in the video, let your videographer know ahead of time. This will help ensure that they get the right shots and capture all the important moments. By working together and communicating with each other, you and your wedding videographer can create beautiful wedding videography that accurately captures all the joy and emotion of your special day.

Video production company
Afrang Media Productions LLC | A video production company you can trust to deliver the best quality product for your wedding

Should I hire a video production company or a freelancer?

When it comes to your wedding day, you want the experience and results to be nothing short of perfection. While many talented freelancers specialize in wedding films and wedding videography, there is something to be said about the advantages of working with a full-service video production company.

When you hire a video production company, they will often have access to higher-quality equipment and a larger team of professionals who can help make your vision come to life. Working with a full-service production company can provide a more comprehensive approach to capturing your day’s events. Their team may include filmmakers, editors, graphic designers, sound technicians, and other creative professionals who are all dedicated to making sure your wedding film is as special and unique as you dreamed it to be.

A production company will also be able to provide multiple levels of services such as pre-production, on-site filming, post-production editing, sound design, and much more. They may even provide additional services like color grading, motion graphics and animation, delivery of your finished product in multiple formats, and assistance with licensing music for your film.

In addition to the expertise that a full-service video production company offers, they will be able to provide support throughout the entire process, from planning through delivery. They will work with you to create a timeline that fits within your budget and ensure that all areas are covered while they are on site.

Although freelancers may offer competitive rates, there is value in working with an experienced production company when it comes to capturing all the important moments of your special day. A video production company can provide the level of professionalism, knowledge, and equipment needed to capture your wedding in its full glory.

How much does a video production company charge?

The cost of hiring a professional video production company for your wedding films can vary depending on the package you select and the complexity of your project. Generally, prices range from around $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the scope of the project. Wedding videography packages typically include camera equipment, editing and post-production services, and professional video staff. High-end packages will also include drone footage and 4K or HD video. Many video production companies offer discounts if you book additional services such as sound recording, lighting and set design. Whatever your budget, a reliable video production company will work with you to create beautiful wedding films that capture the joy and emotion of your special day.

Do I have access to raw footage?

When it comes to wedding films, couples should always ask their wedding videographer if they will be able to access the raw footage from their wedding day. Having access to raw footage can be incredibly helpful for those who want to create their own edits or share the footage with family and friends. Depending on the package that you choose, some wedding videographers may include raw footage as part of their services. It is important to ask in advance if this is an option and make sure that it is included in your wedding videography package. Having access to the raw footage is a great way to ensure that you are getting the best possible footage from your wedding day and that you will have access to those memories for years to come.

Does a video production company give access to raw footage?

Having access to the raw footage from your wedding videographer is essential if you want to create a truly unique and personalized wedding film. When you hire a professional video production company for your wedding, you can request access to the raw footage that was captured during your special day. This raw footage can provide a wealth of content that you can use to tell your unique story through your wedding films.

With access to the raw footage, you can create custom edits of your wedding film that fit your own vision and capture your emotions in a way that’s unique and personal to you. If you have particular editing preferences or ideas, then having access to the raw footage can be invaluable.

The experienced professionals at a video production company understand the importance of capturing the right footage to ensure that you get exactly what you want in your wedding films. By granting access to the raw footage, they are ensuring that you have all of the tools necessary to craft your own stunningly beautiful wedding videos.

Whether you’re looking for elegant cinematic shots or more intimate moments, having access to the raw footage from your wedding videography is key. A professional video production company will make sure that you have access to all of the necessary footage so that you can create a wedding film that perfectly captures the beauty and joy of your special day. Bear in mind that they might charge you extra as an add-on to release your raw footage.

Do video production companies use drones?

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in wedding films and wedding videography. Drones can provide stunning aerial shots of the venue and beautiful, sweeping footage of the wedding party, which can help create an impressive and unique wedding video. Drones can also offer exciting new perspectives that traditional cameras cannot reach.

Using a drone for your wedding film is not a necessity, but it can be a great way to add production value and create a unique, cinematic look for your wedding video. If you choose to use a drone for your wedding film, be sure to find a wedding videography company with experience and expertise in drone operations. Professional drone operators should have the right equipment, knowledge, and safety protocols in place to ensure your wedding film is captured safely and successfully.

Do I need a license to use drones at my wedding?

The use of drones in wedding films and videography has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but it's important to know that you will need a license from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) if you wish to use a drone for commercial purposes. This includes filming or photographing your wedding. Without this license, you will not be able to legally operate a drone in the US, so you must check with the CAA before hiring a wedding videographer who plans to use a drone. A good wedding videographer will have the appropriate license and insurance in place, and they will be able to show you proof of their CAA approval upon request.

What happens if I use a drone without a license?

Using a drone without a license for wedding films or wedding videography can be risky and illegal. If you're caught operating a drone without the proper licensing and authorization, you could be subject to criminal and civil penalties. Depending on the jurisdiction, the fines can be substantial. For example, in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration can assess fines of up to $27,500 per violation. Other countries have similar laws and penalties.

It's also important to consider other legal implications of operating a drone without a license. In some countries, it is possible that you could be held legally responsible for any property damage, personal injury, or death that occurs as a result of your actions. It's not worth the risk to use a drone without the proper licensing and authorization, so make sure you get it before you fly.

Does a video production company have an aviation license?

Drone footage can provide a unique perspective, allowing you to capture breathtaking aerial shots of your special day. However, when it comes to operating drones for commercial purposes, many countries require the videographer to have an aviation license. If you are looking for an aerial perspective for your wedding film, you should ask your wedding videographer if they have an aviation license or if they know someone who does. Without this license, you may risk hefty fines or worse, so make sure to check before you book a drone for your wedding day. Afrang Production is one video production company that has obtained the required aviation license, so if you’re looking for a professional and reliable service, they can provide you with the quality footage you’re looking for.

How many videos do I get for my wedding?

When it comes to wedding films, the answer varies depending on the type of package you purchase. Generally, wedding videography packages include anywhere from one to five videos, depending on the services offered by your chosen videographer. A basic package might include a highlight film, a ceremony film, and some speeches or toasts. An extended package could include a getting-ready video, an extended feature film, plus some special moments such as the first look, first dance, cake cutting, and more. Ultimately, the number of videos you get will depend on what is included in your wedding videography package and how much time you have on your wedding day for filming.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when hiring a wedding videographer for your special day. Be sure to ask the right questions before committing, such as what is included in their package, how long it will take to receive your wedding film and their shooting style. Additionally, investigate the costs of 4K and HD videography, the importance of sound recording in wedding films, and any necessary licenses or permits. Finally, find out if you have access to raw footage, if they use drones, and how many videos you will receive. With the right preparation and research, you can ensure that you get the perfect

wedding videography experience that you deserve.


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